What happens if my group Medicare coverage is canceled?

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Has the Medicare coverage you get through an employer been canceled? This information explains some of your options.

Employers that offer health care coverage can opt to change benefits or premiums and even cancel plans. They also aren’t required to provide retiree coverage.

Fortunately, if the plan you get through an employer is canceled, you have some options.

You can buy a Medicare Advantage plan.

You can buy a plan that includes hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage. We have a variety of Medicare Advantage plans to choose from.

You may be able to buy a Medicare supplement plan.

If you can't get COBRA coverage, you may have the right to buy a Medicare supplement policy even if you're no longer in your supplement special enrollment period.

Your retiree coverage is likely to be similar to coverage under Medicare supplement insurance. Supplement plans usually offer benefits that fill in some of Medicare's gaps in coverage, like coinsurance and deductibles. We have many choices for Medicare supplement plans.

You may be eligible for federal COBRA coverage.

If any other company within the same corporate organization still offers a group health plan to its employees, that plan is required to offer you COBRA continuation coverage.