Medicare Advantage Perks

Michigan Medicare Advantage members can use these programs to save money and stay healthy.

Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, offers benefits you don't get with Original Medicare. Many of our plans offer prescription drug coverage and medical coverage with one insurance card. And most of them offer dental and vision coverage. Original Medicare doesn't.

These plans also come with extra perks. Plus, everyone with a Blue Cross plan gets discounts on things like travel, groceries, gardening supplies and more. Read more about these special features here.


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Medicare Advantage

These special features are just for Medicare Advantage members. You can read about how Medicare Advantage is different from Original Medicare in our Help Center.


Blue Cross Virtual Well-BeingSM

Employers and members can register for upcoming wellness webinars and have access to previous webinars and other downloadable content.

Over-the-Counter Allowance Benefits

Our new over-the-counter allowance benefit makes it easy for select Medicare Advantage plan members to get free non-prescription drugs and health products, like aspirin, eye drops and toothpaste.
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Health Management Programs

Taking care of your health is important. That's why we have programs that help you stay on top of important tests and health milestones.
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Most of our Medicare Advantage plans include a fitness program. You'll enjoy a gym membership, fitness classes and more.
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Did you know Blue Cross members get discounts on everything from Germack nuts to AAA auto insurance? Read more about your discounts here.
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Member Incentive Programs

Novu Health

When you take steps to live a healthy life, we think that deserves a reward. With the Member Appreciation program, you can earn rewards while working toward your healthiest self.


Welvie helps members to make informed surgery decisions. They help you work with your doctor to find out what's right for you. When you complete steps one through three of the Welvie program, you can get an Amazon gift card.