Code of Business Conduct

What is this about?

Our Code of Business Conduct lists the rules and standards that govern us as a business.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is committed to conducting its business with integrity and in accordance with all applicable laws.

Our Ethics and Compliance Program reflects values shared by BCBSM employees, and our Code of Business Conduct provides the foundation for this program. The Code sets standards for ethical business practices for all of our employees, board members, and business partners. It is part of our way of life at BCBSM.

Individuals and organizations conducting business with BCBSM or acting on the company's behalf must abide by the Code of Business Conduct provisions applicable to them. Our employees are introduced to the Code during their orientation and are required to review and acknowledge the Code annually. We strongly encourage contractors, consultants, suppliers, external sales agents, and other individuals conducting business with BCBSM to review the Code annually, as well.

BCBSM Code of Business Conduct (PDF)