What's the Health Insurance Marketplace?

Who is this for?

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If you buy your own health insurance, this tells you about the  government website where you can shop for plans.

As part of health care reform, the government created a place to find health insurance online. At first it was called the Exchange. But now it's called the Health Insurance Marketplace, or healthcare.gov.

How does it work?

Most people who don't have insurance through an employer can use the Health Insurance Marketplace. You:

  • Must live in the United States
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or be lawfully present
  • Can't be currently in jail

You start by filling out an application. Then you'll see plans you can buy based on your income and where you live. You'll find out if you qualify for financial assistance, and whether you're eligible for other programs like Medicaid.

How is it different from shopping on bcbsm.com?

You can do many of the same things on our website that you can do on the Marketplace. You can shop, get prices and apply for medical and dental insurance both places. The plans you see on bcbsm.com are the same plans you'll see on the Marketplace. They have the same benefits. The prices are the same, too.

But not all our plans are available on the Marketplace, like our dental plans that include adult vision. There are some other differences between shopping on our site and the Marketplace.

Shopping on BCBSM.com vs. Health Insurance Marketplace
Overview bcbsm.com Health Insurance Marketplace
What will I see? You can see all our medical and dental plans. You'll see only the plans available to you based on your income and location.
Can I compare plans? You can compare the plans we're offering side-by-side. You can compare plans from all Michigan insurance companies participating in the Marketplace.
Can I find out if I'm eligible for a subsidy? When you're shopping for plans, you'll be able to see if you qualify for lower costs. After you complete your application, your eligibility and subsidy amount will be confirmed.
Can I get help and advice? You can get help from insurance experts on the phone and in-person from our health plan advisors and agents. You can get help from trained people and community resources contracted by the Marketplace.